Special "Hallow-Gein" Screening - Ed Gein: The Musical @ De Pere Cinema

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)

Get Reel De Pere Cinema, 417 George St., De Pere, WI


Join us at De Pere Cinema for our "Hallow-Gein" Party, featuring film screening, costume contest and live filmmaker Q&A after the film.

Ed Gein: The Musical is a micro-budget indie horror film (with heart!). The film's 13th Anniversary Tour celebrates our recent national DVD distribution deal through SRS Cinemas LLC and is romping through Wisconsin! Join us for a bizarre piece of local history through the eyes of our state's most hated icon.

ABOUT THE FILM: It’s 1957 and Ed Gein has just been arrested after committing his second murder. Through a series of flashbacks and imagined memories we see Ed’s story through his own eyes while hearing his story through parodies of classic songs. After his mother dies, Ed finally goes completely off the deep end, digging up recently deceased females to be his “girlfriends” and using their remains for whatever he sees fit, singing his way through the corpses and eventual murders. Once Ed’s deeds are finally found out, the sheriff and his deputies must sort through the wreckage of this unreliable narrator. As a treatise on "crazy" and a twisted romp through Ed's imagination, Ed Gein: the Musical manages to be both a wild fantasy and a fairly historically accurate film about Ed's crimes and capture.

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